Artistic Way of Working
Sven Wiesner (*1979, Staßfurt, Germany) is a Berlin-based visual artist whose work combines environmental and cultural history in the form of sculptures, drawings, performances and videos. Inspired by the own history of his family of rolling millers and toolmakers, as a visual artist today he is concerned with the invention of idiosyncratic tools, objects as well as with the creation and relocation of materials to material masses. The material is removed, penetrated, stored, shifted and shaped. As a finished work, it is constantly reinterpreted in this room for manoeuvre. The materials are artificial rocks in the form of overburden or industrially refined soils as well as natural soils and rocks, such as ores but also wood and coal. Above all, the construction of objects fascinates and controls the associated processes of their production. Their necessary processes determine the development of the work. The objects are archaic-looking apparatuses that are developed as artificial objects in the form of nails, shovels and basins. The work conveys visually the abstract concepts of power and energy, their transmission, storage, transformation and preservation.

Sven Wiesner
*1979 in Staßfurt, Germany

Education / Degrees2012 – 2017
Diploma, Fine Art, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden with Wilhelm Mundt, Eberhard Bosslet

1999 – 2012
studied 1999-2012 Architecture, Hochschule Magdeburg • Stendal, Teaching, Martin Luther Universität Halle (Saale), Philosophy, Technische Universität Dresden

Scholarships / Awards
Plaque design competion  of Hans Jacob Erlwein (1st place)


Membership, Kunstverein Paragone e.V.
Membership, Kunstverein Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst e.V.