sven wiesner
fine artist
studio in berlin


artistic way of working

Humans cannot find their way without things. Through our artifacts, as anthropological cultural stock, we get the possibility for orientation. I explore the impact possibilities of sculptures from the perspective of the material as an information carrier. All materials and media are carriers of information for me. They have the ability to communicate with each other and with a physical counterpart. I stage sculptures, videos, photography and painting among other things with mass media communication techniques such as flat screens, 3 printers, Kosnstruktions-Software, beamer and much more. In video sequences I show e.g. the preparation of building foundations in urban space, the production and processing of steel material or give insights into modern vehicle construction. In these arrangements I pose the question what the technical innovations in material development can mean from an artistic point of view? The new aesthetic forms and communication potentials of modern technology are essential aspects of my work. My work shows the connections of the cultural and environmental history of man. Inspired by my family‘s history of toolmakers, I now work as a visual artist who develops artifacts to penetrate, shift, measure, and investigate both man-made and natural material masses for what is hidden. In artifactual signs I visualize the abstract concepts of forces and energies, their transmissions, their transformations and their preservations. As a finished work, it is thereby constantly reinterpreted and altered against the context of human-environment interactions. Above all, the construction of my removal-objects (objects of ablation and displacement) fascinates and guides the processes of design and preservation associated with their production. The removal-objects are created from the materials I track down during my forays and excursions through the natural landscape and the urban environment. My removal-objects are artifacts that can be associated as carriers of cultural history. In the form of nails, shovels, basins, detectors, transmitters, etc., they are produced by me on site and staged in urban space in conjunction with modern mass media, among other things. After their public production and presentation, my artifacts are durably packaged and buried using my own conservation methods, as a reaction example to overpriced storage space in the metropolis of Berlin. The burial processes and artefaktiscn depots are documented by drawings, photographs and videos. The discovery and the spreading into the virtual space belongs likewise to my work and among other things as storage reaction in similar way motivated umgestezt. The removal – objects are installed by me in the natural animated, urban and digital environment, whereby a knowledge gain is set in motion, which oscillates permanently between the physical and the virtual world. Against the background of social acceleration as a time phenomenon of postmodern industrial societies, the removal-objects evoke an artistic paradigm on man as a modifier of his environment and developer of technical-looking artifacts.



Sven Wiesner
*1979 in Staßfurt, Germany


education / degrees

Master of Arts, Postgraduate Studies, Academy of fine Arts Dresden, Master Class Student
with Prof. Eberhard Bosslet

2012 – 2017
Diploma, Fine Art, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden with, Prof. Eberhard Bosslet

Philosophy (Technology Philosophy with Prof. Bernhard Irrgang), Technische Universität Dresden

Architecture, Hochschule Magdeburg • Stendal

2001- 2020
Teaching Martin Luther Universität Halle (Saale) with Prof. Georg Theunissen, [1. StEx (Halle, 2008), 2. StEx (Berlin, 2020)]


Scholarships / Awards

2016-2017 Deutschlandstipendium
2012 Plaque design competion  of Hans Jacob Erlwein (1st place)



seit 2017 Membership BBK Berlin e.V.
seit 2017 Membership BBK Nürnberg e.V
2017-2018 Membership, Kunstverein Paragone e.V.
Membership, Kunstverein Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst e.V.



Removal from petrol station, Berlin
Sven Wiesner – Masses in Movement, artist talk, 3. MKH Biennale Halberstadt
Earth Box, 3. MKH Biennale, Halberstadt
Riverchanges, Thale
branches, branches, trunks, Ilsenburg
Rocks and salt water, Stralsund
Stone warmth, Dierhagen

Pool Construction, Diploma Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

Earth, Galerie Friesen, Dresden

Der transatlantische Ort (with Matthias Garff), Buenos Aires
Sandstein, Altana Galerie, Technische Universität, Dresden
Augen zu – Augen auf, Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig
Film-net-night, Store Contemporary Art Space, Dresden
Abzocken ohne Anzuecken – Frühlingssalon, Otkogon, Dresden
Vom Wühlen im Dreck, curated by Holger Birkholz, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden

Operation Doppelschlag, Galerie Brühlsche Terrasse, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden
Pitpool, Store Contemporary Art Space, Dresden
wood nests, Dresden

Parking Garage DMC-12, Großenheinerstraße 11, Dresden
Taube Ohren, Senatssaal, Dresden
Plural Projekt, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
Pipeline, Dresden
Hole, Dresden

Affenköpfe, Kunstraum Steintor, Halle (Saale)

Sandburg,Kolobrzeg, Polen
Affe im Käfig, Dresden
Literary Film adaption: ein Bericht für eine Akademie,
ein Sommernachtstraum,
die Verwandlung, in cooperation with Lutz Kretschmann

1500, art movie in cooperation with Matthias Graff
Performer in experimental art movies and teaching material by Jens Vetter: Die Linde, Abwasch,
Performer of own poems in art movies by Jens Vetter; Prinzip und Integration, Panzerfrauen, Schneeglöckchen, Der Elefant, Weltenraum

Blick Dich, first own volume of poems, Halle (Saale)

Kunstinbetrieb,Bottelheads, Halle (Saale)



Indexklasse Bosslet, Künstlerbuch, Hrsg. Eberhard Bosslet, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden

Climates of change, Exhibition Venues & Artists / Programme /Information, Katalogheft, Hrsg. Monat-Kunst-Halberstadt e.V,
Realisation: Matthias Ramme / 300 Gramm, Halberstadt

Body Matters, Katalog (GA), Hrsg. Dorothee Böhm, Katalogredaktion: Iris Hasler, Friederike Korbmacher, Gestaltung: Dennis Husmann, 2015, Bochum

Rohmaterial Sonderausgabe, Bd.2, Künstlerbuch, Hrsg. Freundeskreis der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Realisation: Peter K. Koch, Dresden

Kunst in Betrieb, Künstlerbuch, Hrsg. Katrin Herold, Halle (Saale)



III. Monat Kunst Halberstadt Biennale, 2018

Sven Wiesner: Pit Pool
STORE / Contemporary Art Dresden, 2014

Total Sellout//Bootique Delooxe
STORE / Contemporary Art Dresden, 2014

Kay Brudy und Sven Wiesner „Augen zu. Augen auf.“
Galerie Bipolar Leipzig, 2015         

Vom Wühlen im Dreck – Gedanken zum plastischen Formprozess
Galerie Ursula Walter Dresden, 2015

Galerie Holger John, 2015

Sven Wiesner – Kunstknall

C60/Collaboratorium Kunstraum Bochum, 2014



Sven Wiesner – Künstlerische Arbeitsweise, 2018

Sven Wiesner – Masses in Movement – Künstlerbuch

Naturgegebenes und menschengemachtes Unheil
(Sven Wiesner), 2014



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